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BOM Part Quote

Upload BOM Check to confrm Order Review Payment 24h Producing 3-7 Delivery
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Drag a BOM file to this area or click button to upload it.

Support .xls, .xlsx and csv files up to 5MB.



1. Compatible Excel 97-2003 (*.xls) format.
2. Match the first 300 lines, and the rest will be ignored.
3. BOM must contains part and quantity. Download a sample BOM as reference.
4、The maximum file size is 5M. The first 300 records will be resolved and the rest will be ignored. Please contact customer service for any issue.
1Upload BOM
Click [Upload BOM file] and fill in the order quantity, click [OK] to enter the BOM distribution page.
2Check to confirm
Check whether the materials and related parameters match the parameters provided by the system, and manually select [Confirm] or [Replace].
3Order Review
After confirming the materials, select the country and shipping method and click the [Submit Customer Service Review] button.
For BOM sourcing service, AiPCBA has developed online BOM quote function in China. With the massive component part database, customers can gain BOM quote in 10 seconds by simply uploading BOM list Excel files.